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I have been lucky enough to work in mobile app development with many startups all over the world. As an expert in iOS app development, I am passionate about creating the perfect performance of the projects I am engaged in.

Robert Bosch - Connect your Bike to your digital world

Integrating different features of the eBike system to turn the bike into a cutting edge smart Bike at Robert Bosch.

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WaterMinder - Track your daily water intake

I've been working alongside with the owner to re-do the app from scratch using Objective-C and apply the best practices for a cleaner and maintainable code. It was a challenging mobile app development as we had to use heavily many frameworks as Apple Health to track user's progress, and Core Data as a way to store data in the application. The app got featured on the AppStore.

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WaterMinder Mobile App Development ByZiad
Touchtap iOS App Development ByZiad - Experienced in mobile app development, we build experiences

A Mobile app development agency based in Dallas, Texas. I’ve been working with the team at Touchtap to build and maintain support for various iOS and Android applications. I have been able to deliver products with a tight schedule to meet the client’s expectation, working with other people on a shared code base which include reading the code, manage changes, and having them deal with the changes that I make.

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Edyn Freelance App Developer ByZiad

Edyn - Keep a good thing growing

Excellent product. I’ve been working with the team in iOS app development to help operate and improve their iOS App, releasing new features such as ‘Water Valve’ to automatically control the existing irrigation based on data from the garden, handling the instant notifications for the state of the sensor, and making sure to fix bugs when notified or documented by QA in bug tracking system.

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Mobile Shopping App Mobile App Development ByZiad

Planet Quincy - Better shopping experience

I worked alongside with Quincy Brown to build an intuitive mobile shopping app to sell merchandises. I performed all roles from UI Design to writing code using Swift. The intent was to make the products automatically synced from the Shopify store using Rest APIs. Animations are implemented using UIKit's Transition APIs. Payment was completed using Apple Pay because it's the easiest way to pay within apps.

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