Collect Email Addresses and Boost your Online Sales

Our team will help you collect email addresses to run successful email marketing campaign. Provide starting keywords and start building a massive email address list of your target market. It is as simple as that!

Find and connect with your niche market

Creating a successful online business means making a real connection with your specific audience. This website will help you collect email addresses by focusing on your niche market to build a professional email address list.

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Collect Email Addresses and Connect with your Niche Market

Keywords Search

Start providing us with particular keywords or hashtags that fit your target audience.

Collect Email

Based on your specific keywords we provide you with a list of narrow email address of your niche market.

Save Email List

After building the email address list of your niche market, we will send it to you in CSV / XLS file format.

Extract Email Addresses and Increase your Reach Online

A few reasons why we might be the right fit

Email marketing is one of the best methods you can use to achieve success in your business. Our mission is to help you extract email addresses and build customers’ email lists to increase your reach online and build up the SEO value of your company.

Become a successful Shopify merchants using a tested growth tool

Whether your business is based on Shopify or any other eCommerce platform, collecting email addresses is the most cost-effective way to promote your products, communicate with your customers and reach your business goals.

Drive More Sales with Email Address Harvesting

All the features you need.

By providing you with a list of useful features that further enhance your email marketing strategies, this tool will help you grow your brand online and divert your time and energy where it’s needed the most!

Various Sources
Our team will help you collect email addresses from various sources in order to build a profitable email list for your business.
Build Email List
We help you supplement your mailing list with thousands of email addresses and build your customers’ email address list.
Output File Formats
At the final step, we will send you the email address database in CSV / XLS file format or any other format that suit you the best.
Handle Duplicate Emails
During the extracting process, we eliminate all the duplicate emails addresses to truly execute your email marketing strategy.
Niche Market
Find and extract email addresses of your niche market is our top priority to maximize your reach and minimize the level of waste.
Ecommerce Sales
Collecting a large list of email addresses of your target audience is a must-have tool if you are dealing with online marketing.
No Computer Skills Required
As we support you along the extraction process, all you need to do is downloading your customers’ email address list.
Deliver Fast
We all know the importance of email harvesting and always try to deliver as fast as possible and provide accurate estimates. 
Lead Generation
Generate leads for your business using email marketing strategies and build continuous relationships with buyers.

Raise your email marketing strategy to the next level

Start growing your engaged email list and creating a successful email marketing strategy.