Hey, I'm a Mobile App Developer and consultant.
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I'm a mobile app developer. I design and build mobile apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Android and sometimes web applications.
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We’re living in an era of technology where users expect to find everything at the tap of a finger. As freelance app developers, we can influence how users engage with our products to achieve the desired action

Mobile Shopping Apps with Plinper Create Mobile Apps ByZiad

Plinper - Increase your online store revenue

It converts eCommerce store into a great mobile shopping app. We help retailers enter the new mCommerce channel so that customers can love the brand more through the mobile app.

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Edyn - Keep a good thing growing

It keeps you connected to your garden by giving you the tools to make your garden thrive — so you always know exactly what’s needed to keep your plants healthy.

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Edyn Freelance App Developer ByZiad
Buy Mobile app templates With IntensifyStudio Freelance App Developer ByZiad

IntensifyStudio - Mobile app templates without code

I've always been eager to help entrepreneurs and startups build apps that fill gaps. IntensifyStudio is an app marketplace for mobile app templates that are ready to go with a few clicks. Either you are a big company or startup your can buy your mobile app template and save yourself hundreds of hours and thousandsof dollars in design & development.

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AppCoda Tutorials Freelance App Developer ByZiad

AppCoda - iOS tutorial team member at AppCoda

I write iOS tutorials for AppCoda's site to help the upcoming developers get comfortable with the platform and also to grow the freelance app developer community.

Check Out My Tutorials »

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I would to show you a brief overview of some of the most recent apps I have been involved with, some got featured on the AppStore and ProductHunt.

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I understand the challenges of working remotely. Here’s a couple of things I’m good at as freelance iOS developer.

As a freelance app developer, my experience in the service industry has taught me the importance of client communication. A successful project requires a complete client satisfaction from a communication, managerial and technical standpoint


I understand the importance of communication, and as an experienced freelance iOS developer, I utilize tools like Slack to keep you always up to date.


Staying organized while working remotely is essential. As a client, you should feel reassured that the work is being carried out as advised. This is done using tools like Trello & Asana.

Time Keeping

I value my clients’ time and constantly aim to operate efficiently. An understanding of the timeline of app development, what you can expect and when is fundamental.

Project Management

I believe it’s important to identify the stages of a project and what each stage entails, including key milestones, task lists, any foreseen issues and general development updates.


To get the most out of our collaboration, It’s important that I relay my work process, understandings and any questions/issues to you on an on-going basis.


I have a master's degree in computer science and recognize the importance of applying good practices and development techniques to the mobile.

A highlight of some of my most
recognized work

  • Ziad is a very talented developer with a sharp focus on delivering high quality code. I have consistently been impressed with his ability to quickly adapt to a new codebase as well as his ability to provide well reasoned and meaningful improvements from both a UX and internal perspective. I look forward to continuing to work with Ziad in the future.
    Taylor Bell
    Head of Engineering at Touchtap, LLC
  • “Ziad has been a great addition to our team at Touchtap. He is an excellent iOS developer, and blossoming Android developer. What I really like about Ziad is that he consistently looks for areas of product improvement - on the outside, and on the inside of the product. I look forward to working with Ziad on future projects.”
    Noah Labhart
    CTO, Co-Founder at Veryable | Founder at Touchtap
  • I've worked with Ziad for almost 2 years now across 3 different companies. The first 2 at Six2 and Sivvr were companies I owned and Ziad came onto the team and eventually a shareholder due to his exceptional quality of work bringing a strong value to the team.
    Omar Choudhry
    CEO at Flavr
  • Ziad is very professional and his knowledge helped us many times. As opposed from other developers that I worked with, I can trust his work and always see the high quality work. What I really like is that if I have some suggestion that is wrong, he gives me honest feedback and suggests something better instead. I would definitely not hesitate to work with him in the future.
    Jiri Chochlik
    ASO Executive at AppAgent, Founder at ASO Friend
  • There is no problem too big or small, Ziad makes time available and is very accommodating. I would highly recommend intensifystudio for any iOS project.
    Ben Smith
    Billyelusiv , Online Marketer
  • Ziad and I worked together on a project I had last year. He is an excellent developer, professional, and eager to finish any job he starts. I highly recommend working with him on any upcoming projects that require mobile development.
    Ryan Braastad
    Product Marketing at Salesforce

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I’m a freelance app developer and consultant. I can help you build high quality and best user experience mobile apps.